Distributors (resellers) of infusion sets and equipment who wish to obtain and resell the IV™ product range are supplied via their existing suppliers of infusion sets and equipment. Varori International will therefore request all distributors to refer Varori International to their existing suppliers in order to supply them accordingly. This will create a trading environment that is familiar to the distributor and IV set manufacturer. It will minimise time-to-market and availability lead-times and create the opportunity for both the distributors and suppliers to further their existing business relationship.

Alternatively, if a distributor does not have an existing relationship with IV set manufacturers/suppliers, or there are not any available IV set manufacturers/suppliers within a specific country/territory, Varori International will supply these distributors with a full range of complete products, to meet their specific needs.


The following are a list of basic categories of products and components that are available.
Please “CONTACT US” for more information or with any specific requirements.


Complete products

The IV™flow (in various configurations) will be available as complete, packaged and sterilised products for reselling for the following applications:

  • Infusion sets
  • Blood transfusion / TPN sets*
  • Oncology sets

* Tests are currently being conducted for the IV™flow’s compatibility with blood products / TPN as well as with volumetric infusion pumps. The results are expected and will be made available in October 2004.


Complete products

The IV™trend is offered as a complete product available for reselling.


Please contact us if you are interested in any of the IV™ products. We will gladly assist you with a tailor made package that will suit your company or organisation’s requirements, wherever you are.

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Our contact details are available on the “Contact Us” page.