Incorporate the IV™ products into your product range

Numerous infusion set (IV set) manufacturers and distributors throughout the world cater for the infusion market. Subsequently, the required infrastructure and more importantly the supplier>distributor>customer relationships and infrastructure already exist and are well established.

VARORI INTERNATIONAL (Pty) Ltd. does not wish to interfere with this valuable relationship or to duplicate any existing distribution infrastructure. Instead, we supply the IV set manufacturers and distributors with the improved and unique IV™ product range.

Furthermore, our aim is to effectively redistribute and meet any enquiries or demand that hospitals, procurement offices or end-users of the IV™ product range may have. These are redirected to appropriate suppliers/ distributors in the relevant territory that have incorporated the IV™ product range into their existing product range.

As sole provider of the world-patented IV™ range of products, we commercialise and distribute these products via strategic partnerships with established IV set manufacturers/assemblers and distributors throughout the world. We do not wish to exclude anyone from being part of this unique opportunity.

With essential manufacturing partnerships in place and product availability expected in September 2004, VARORI INTERNATIONAL (Pty) Ltd is ready to proceed with the international commercialisation process.

To this end, we are continually expanding our distribution network within all international markets. Our network includes both IV set manufacturers/assemblers (who may wish to enhance their current product range), as well as distributors (resellers) who may have an established relationship with IV set manufacturers from which they currently obtain their products.

If you or your company wants to become part of the IV™ product range’s growing international distribution network, please complete our "Distributor Application ForM". The Distributor Application Form helps us to better understand who you are, what your needs are and most importantly, how we will be able to best serve your needs.

Alternatively, if you would like to know more about our company, our product range, or if you simply would like to be updated on any additional product developments, please find our contact details in the "Contact Us" page.

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