Technology Description


The principle behind the IV™ product range is very simple. The vital component that makes our product range innovative, unique and therefore the answer to the infusion industry is the IV™flow. In order to understand its function, consider the following well known example:

If you have a water container that is filled to the brim with water and you drill a hole in the side of near the bottom (i.e. a constant orifice), the water will squirt out away from the container. This is simply due to the high positive hydrostatic pressure.

As the water level in the container drops, the distance of the water squirting out of the hole will move closer to the water container.

The distance will continue to decrease as the water level drops or until the container runs empty.

This same principle applies to intravenous devices.

There are various ways of administering drugs to patients. For instance, it can be administered orally, by injection, rectally and by inhalation. However, the most accurate of these methods is by intravenous administration.
Intravenous infusion sets are used to establish a therapeutic concentration and then maintain it in the patient’s bloodstream throughout the administration process. This method of administration is standard practice for all patients in all hospitals world-wide.
Within the industry of intravenous administration sets, three categories of infusion sets are commonly used. These are:

  • 15, 20 or 60 drops/ml gravitational sets (low cost, disposable set, resulting in low levels of accuracy and high levels of maintenance);
  • Variable flow gravitational sets (medium cost, disposable set, resulting in medium levels of accuracy high levels of maintenance);
  • Electronic infusion pumps (high cost, resulting in high levels of accuracy and low levels of maintenance).

These sets are distinguished by two factors, namely cost and efficiency. These factors are constantly weighed up against each other when clinicians have to decide which type of set to employ for a specific patient, taking into account each patient’s respective financial situation and his or her medical condition.

Due to constant decrease in the positive hydrostatic pressure (as a result of the decreasing fluid level), the current gravity infusion set has unfortunately become known as an unreliable and inefficient infusion device. Furthermore, as a result of this stigma, the focus has only been on price as the only available differentiator between competitors.

Fortunately this is about to change as a direct result of the IV™flow.

Due to the unique design and function of the product, Varori International has been awarded the South African Bureau of Standards’ Design Institute Award in the Prototype Category year 2000, supporting the claims of upgrades, uniqueness and general improvement of infusion technology.