Technology Description


The IV™trend is an electronic flow-measuring / calibration device that facilitates easy, real-time and accurate calibration of all known gravity infusion, transfusion and oncology sets that incorporates a drip chamber for flow rate calibration.

The real-time flow rate representation of the IV™trend will aid nursing staff to dramatically reduce calibration time, ensure correct calibration of prescribed flow rates and maintain the required therapeutic concentration in the patient’s blood stream.

This instantaneous flow rate representation is very important during routine infusion maintenance, as well as where constant recalibration and critical flow rate information is required (especially where the therapy being administered has a short half-life).

We have identified the need for this device in various market segments, such as oncology units, operating theatres, intensive care units (ICUs), high care wards, general wards, emergency rescue services, as well as home care markets in order to aid the tedious but vital calibration and recalibration procedure of infusion sets.

Nursing staff and clinicians will find the easy-to-use and reliable IV™trend an indispensable infusion process management tool, ensuring the correct hydration of patients in general wards, as well as the administration of critical drugs in casualty wards, high care wards and ICUs, where accuracy is essential.