Technology Description

IV™trend offers the following benefits:


  • Clinicians are forced to actively select the correct droplet size of the applicable infusion set being used, thereby ensuring correct calibration of the infusion device;
  • Clinicians can now properly calibrate the infusion set;
  • The tedious conversion of milliliter per hour to drops per milliliter and vice versa is done by the IV™trend, eliminating possible human error.


  • Constant flow rate means correct therapeutic concentration of the therapy being administered which leads to higher efficiency of the therapy;
  • Studies have shown a substantial and potential time saving of clinical staff’s time spent managing infusion sets;
  • IV2™trend will assist staff by attaining the desired flow rate effortlessly and instantaneously.


  • Intuitive software design and multi-language support ensure that the IV™trend is simple, easy to use and that virtually no training is required;
  • Flow rate calibration and monitoring capabilities are built-in;
  • If used in conjunction with the IV™flow, the constant hydrostatic pressure means constant flow rate and no or little recalibration is required;
  • Any staff member can now effectively assist in flow rate monitoring.


  • It can be used in conjunction with virtually any gravity based infusion, transfusion or oncology set*.

Professional Image:

  • The patient has peace of mind knowing that the flow rate is correct and he/she is receiving high level-care;
  • The health care provider leaves a positive and professional impression as a high-level provider.

* Tests are currently being conducted for the IV™flow’s compatibility with blood products / TPN as well as with volumetric infusion pumps. The results are expected and will be made available in October 2004.